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This website is designed to help serve the laser safety community and the general public, by providing relevant information in an easily-accessible format.

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Anyone with updates, additions, corrections, suggestions etc. can email the website editor via the contact link at the bottom of this page.

We especially welcome resources outside the United States.


The information on the database/resource page was originally based on a mid-2018 document originated by Kenneth Barat, listing sources of laser incident/accident resources. Text taken directly from that document is listed in green type on that page; additional research was done which is in black type.

Thanks go to the persons who are on the ASC Z136 Ad-Hoc Group for Accident and Incident Reporting Status:

  • Kenneth Barat, chair
  • Paul Daniel, Jerry Dennis, Richard Felten, Stephen Hemperly, Jamie King, Erwin Lau, Patrick Murphy, Patti Owens, Bret Rogers, Barbara Sams, Steve Singal and Robert Thomas.

The goal of the Group is to create "a publication that describes:
     (1) The need for meaningful laser accident and incident report reporting from a variety of perspectives,
     (2) Regulations and directives which may apply in this area, educating the public on the requirements for reporting,
     (3) How data could be used to inform changes to products, appropriate uses, instructions, output limitations, and general training and safety programs,
     (4) treatment approaches,
     (5) employment history, and
     (6) Intelligence (military/civilian air)."


2017 Sept 17 - First public version of this website
2018 Oct 5 - On Incident data sources page, added 2017 German review of 48 papers covering 111 cases of eye injuries from laser pointers
2018 Oct 25 - Added Arizona state reporting requirements to the Reporting incidents page