Reporting laser incidents and accidents

Reporting active laser threats

If you see an unsafe situation involving a laser that requires immediate attention, call 911 first. For example, if you see a person aiming laser beams at aircraft or drivers, this should be reported to law enforcement immediately.

Later, you may wish to also submit a report to an appropriate agency such as FAA that is listed below.

Reporting within an organization

If you are in an organization with a formal safety reporting system, especially one with a laser safety officer, report the incident to the appropriate person. They should take action within your organization, and they should also report to databases such as the ones listed below.

This applies to most Department of Defense and Department of Energy laser incidents — report to the appropriate safety person.

Reporting aviation incidents

Reporting workplace incidents

Reporting incidents and devices to U.S. FDA

Reporting laser light show incidents

Reporting consumer products

Reporting medically-related incidents

Reporting to state agencies

In addition to reporting at the federal level, in some cases you may also want to, or be required to, report an incident or accident to your state laser or radiological health agency. For example, Arizona and Illinois specific reporting requirements are listed below. Rockwell Laser Industries has a list of State Laser Safety Contacts.